Catch the Ace for Kids CK Launches!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chatham-Kent is launching CK’s first ever Electronic Catch the Ace Raffle. Participants will play weekly for their chance to find the Ace of Spades and take home the progressive jackpot. There’s also a weekly prize.


The game is easy and uses a standard deck of 52 cards. Make sure to purchase your tickets on your numbered cards of choice by Thursday night at midnight. A weekly winner will be announced at and the following Friday morning. The winner will take home 20% of the weekly sales and their choice card will be turned over. If it is not the Ace of Spades, 30% of the weekly sales will contribute to the progressive jackpot. The game ends when the Ace of Spades is found. Your chances to win the big progressive jackpot will increase each week! Tickets can be purchased online at in the following increments: 10 entries for $10, 60 for $20 and 200 for $50.


100% of the proceeds from this raffle will stay in CK.  Big Brothers Big Sisters will use them to fund their innovative children’s mentoring programs. They receive no government money and the bulk of their budget comes from donations and community fund-raising such as this raffle.  Please help them help Chatham-Kent’s children and youth reach their full potential. Licence #RAF1203693.